Gmail is at it again. And this time it could turn out to be a marketers dream come true. Gmail is currently experimenting with a spectacular, visual layout that resembles Pinterest. Not only would you have the opportunity to write an engaging subject line to attract your target audience, you would also have the opportunity to show your target audience thumbnails.

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new avenues to attract and engage my audience.


Ahhh….Beautiful, don’t you think?

While the new Grid View feature is optional, most are sure to appreciate the visual addition. An email capability of bringing large graphics and infinite scrolling images to to life through the promotions tab…I’m in.

There are several advantages for marketers when it comes to the new Gmail Grid View layout:

  • It would allow marketers more space to present their message and the opportunity to make a visual impact
  • The opportunity to include copy in your featured image
  • Advantages to promoting your business, as Google will also offer the opportunity to pull a sender image from your Google+ business page

Things you need to be aware of about Gmail implementing the Grid View feature:

  • Grid View images would require that you add the open rate tracking code to the main graphic. This could lead to false or inaccurate open rates, as the main image is automatically downloaded.
  • You would need to be diligent in the appropriate sizing of your images to ensure no cropping or display issues occur
  • As always, you should continue to write an engaging subject line, however you would be limited to 75 characters of space to grab your readers attention.
  • If you have a long name – time to shorten it. While the sender name would still be visible, you now only have 20 characters to utilize
  • If you don’t have a Google+ page, get one! You would not want to miss out on ability to display your company logo or image

Grid View looks to be a promising marketing tool for businesses everywhere. I know all of us at B2B Marketing will be keeping an eye on the developing new feature in the