John F. Kennedy University Appoints B2B Marketing As New Agency Of Record

Joint Relationship To Improve Marketing Strategies 


PLEASANT HILL, CA, August 26, 2014: B2B Marketing, LLC is pleased to announce John F. Kennedy University as our newest client. Since 1964, JFK University has been a beacon of knowledge for students and staff alike. JFK University is a fully accredited, nationally recognized university offering programs including: Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees, specialized certifications and continuing education courses. Programs with interactive classrooms, convenient evening and weekend schedules and easily accessible campus locations, can be found at affordable rates. From application to graduation, the faculty and staff at JFK University will work with in achieving your educational goals.

JFK University appointed B2B Marketing, LLC as their agency of record in early August 2014. B2B Marketing President, Michelle Nelson, is excited to have JFK University join their current client pool. “We are extremely excited to be working with the University and hope to reach out to students that are looking for a great university and let them know that it’s right here at John F. Kennedy University!” stated Ms. Nelson.

About B2B Marketing, LLC

B2B Marketing, LLC is a full-service marketing communications agency, serving clients nationwide. They provide innovative, high impact marketing and advertising strategies to meet client needs, long-term goals and objectives, among a variety of target markets. B2B Marketing, LLC leverages its unique capabilities in conjunction with the client’s strategic on-going marketing efforts to ensure overall continued success. B2B Marketing, LLC is committed to providing an environment that fosters constant communication and personalized attention with individual client results in mind.


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What could be more Pinteresting than a visual promotional tab in Gmail?

Gmail is at it again. And this time it could turn out to be a marketers dream come true. Gmail is currently experimenting with a spectacular, visual layout that resembles Pinterest. Not only would you have the opportunity to write an engaging subject line to attract your target audience, you would also have the opportunity to show your target audience thumbnails.

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new avenues to attract and engage my audience.


Ahhh….Beautiful, don’t you think?

While the new Grid View feature is optional, most are sure to appreciate the visual addition. An email capability of bringing large graphics and infinite scrolling images to to life through the promotions tab…I’m in.

There are several advantages for marketers when it comes to the new Gmail Grid View layout:

  • It would allow marketers more space to present their message and the opportunity to make a visual impact
  • The opportunity to include copy in your featured image
  • Advantages to promoting your business, as Google will also offer the opportunity to pull a sender image from your Google+ business page

Things you need to be aware of about Gmail implementing the Grid View feature:

  • Grid View images would require that you add the open rate tracking code to the main graphic. This could lead to false or inaccurate open rates, as the main image is automatically downloaded.
  • You would need to be diligent in the appropriate sizing of your images to ensure no cropping or display issues occur
  • As always, you should continue to write an engaging subject line, however you would be limited to 75 characters of space to grab your readers attention.
  • If you have a long name – time to shorten it. While the sender name would still be visible, you now only have 20 characters to utilize
  • If you don’t have a Google+ page, get one! You would not want to miss out on ability to display your company logo or image

Grid View looks to be a promising marketing tool for businesses everywhere. I know all of us at B2B Marketing will be keeping an eye on the developing new feature in the


Fun Facts About Small Business

Industry news doesn’t always have to feel like you are keeping up with the latest trends
and information, as if you were back in grade school doing homework. So we are going to try to share our topics visually. A lot less reading and a lot more, quick fact information gathering!

B2B Marketing will keep you in the know, in a fun and engaging way.
Let’s start with a few Fun Facts about small businesses, shall we?


Social Media Trends for 2014

At B2B Marketing, we are always seeking out new, high impact imaginative techniques that we can implement and integrate into our core marketing strategy to assist our clients in achieving their short and long term objectives. Social media serves as a prime extension of our dynamically, creative personal marketing touch. Since social media is taking the business world by storm, our team is consistently forward-looking and remains one step ahead of the competition in discovering new trends and ways to deliver time and time again to each of our clients. Here are 7 social media trends for 2014 that we believe can substantially grow your business clientele in the midst of an ever-evolving and changing social media landscape.

1. Blogging – by creating a blog or several blogs, this provides an impactful way to deliver content with an informative slant. Blogging is relatively inexpensive to do as well. There has never been a better time to get started as blogging is affording businesses the opportunity to capture a whole new audience of clients.

2. Google+ – along with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, companies are beginning to utilize Google+ in social media campaigns to drive traffic to their businesses. With its SEO optimization focus, Google+ offers a multilayered amount of services that give businesses the social enterprise they need.

3. Visual-Based Content – visual elements draw people into your content and start a conversation. Images help to create and craft the story you are trying to tell about who you are as a business and why consumers need your products and services. With an assortment of social media platforms to choose from to exhibit these visual elements including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, the short and long term benefits are substantial.

4. Adding podcasts – in addition to the visual, prospective and current customers enjoy listening to multimedia digital files. Whatever the topic, customers are given particular insight into what your business is about that is easy to understand, conversational and different from the norm.

5. Sharing – social media provides key opportunities to not only share invaluable information about your business but other pieces of information that are relevant to your brand such as articles, blog posts, and other compelling content.

6. Diversification of current content – while your business’ mission and vision is grounded in one particular aspect or another, customers enjoy being engaged with different types of content. Customization of your content builds a strong and dedicated audience that looks forward to and is interested in what you have to say about your brand and its place in the business world.

7. Automation of content – when it comes to brand voice, not only is important to consistently ensure consumers are engaged, but to measure this engagement. Social media dashboards can assist in scheduling content to post on the various platforms as well as providing extensive reports on what is working and what isn’t working in your social media strategy.

Shirlene Reeves

B2B Marketing is thrilled to have created and helped brand Shirlene Reeves’ Maximize Your Wealth Now website and invites everyone to experience what Shirlene Reeves is all about, her journey and why her message is food for the financial soul.

After meeting with Shirlene to learn about her motivational brand, our team began manifesting ways to strategically plan and execute a full scale, cutting edge marketing plan with our unprecedented, results-driven, personal approach that included designing her blog, business cards, creating enlightening and informative copy for each of the pages on her website and a social media strategy that allows Shirlene to assist and help each visitor maximize their financial and personal strength and success. Our aim was to flawlessly leave a glowing and lasting impression on each person who visits Reeves’ social media and website through vivid colors, astonishing, illuminating elements, bold copy and visuals that create a moving and unforgettable experience.

Since an early age, Shirlene Reeves has been about achievement and accomplishment. Having a dream to participate in the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show in Daly City, this dream would materialize in the early 1980’s and allow Shirlene to bench 9 Manchester Terriers at the very first Golden Gate Dog Show she attended.  Following this win, Shirlene entered her dogs into the Westminster Dog Show in New York. Being no stranger to success, Shirlene set out to help and assist each individual seeking to attain their goals and dreams.

With a wealth of strategies and techniques to building a solid future, Shirlene Reeves is a financial expert assisting and coaching businesses and individuals worldwide. From expert panels to individual fiscal instruction, Reeves developed the Maximize Your Wealth Now with Business System Success Program, which extensively teaches on what’s needed to realize lucrative success. The program encompasses secrets and tips including how to properly estate plan; what it takes to turn a cold lead into a warm one; specific guidelines to creating a lucrative enterprise and what it means to live a prosperous lifestyle that is defined, developed and extraordinary.

Having studied under Deepak Chopra, the Dali Lama, Ram Dass, Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer and earning a Master’s Degree from the University of Metaphysical Science, Reeves’ approach to finance and life blends spirituality with blissful graciousness.

Committed to teaching and educating on how to remove the frustration in the finance, the overload from the overwhelming and the challenges from the circumstance, Reeves’ mantra is a combination of forward looking resonance and advice that makes a memorable impact on everyone she encounters.

B2B Marketing is excited to inform everyone about Business Success Coach, Certified Financial Education, International Speaker and Author Shirlene Reeves as she helps everyone discover the path to enrichment!